ChickenPoop OUTDOORS Lip Junk SPF30 One Tube

ChickenPoop OUTDOORS Lip Junk SPF30 One Tube

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Our famous all natural lip moisturizer is now perfect for outdoor use! This creamy zinc oxide based formula provides a lasting  shield. The essential oil of chamomile is what the ancient Egyptians used to slather on their skin to prevent sun damage. Protects against the drying affects of the sun, wind, snow and all barnyard activity. 

Goes on surfer white!

   Born and raised in Kansas, Jamie Tabor lives on the river with her artist/inventor husband, their daughter, son, four dogs, and a cat. She is the chick behind Simone Chickenbone. Jamie decided if she were to make a lip balm it would have to be called ChickenPoopTM, inspired by her grandpa's sense of humor. If one was to complain of dry lips he'd say, "Put some chicken poop on your lips so you won't lick 'em".

      • 100% pure with no gmo's
      • This product contains no poop
      • Put it anywhere

    100% Pure.  No gmo. 
    This product contains no poop!

    The Legend of the Poop

    The Name....Chicken Poop comes from Jamie's goofy grandpa replying to her complaint of having chapped lips. He'd say, "I know how to fix those chapped lips, I'll rub some chicken poop on `em so you won't be lickin` 'em." Brilliant, don't you think?

    A brief history. . . How it all began: Jamie Faith Tabor Schmidt began making Chicken Poop Lip balm after her best friend Claudia took her to  a cosmetic store lined from floor to ceiling with all kinds of make-up goodness.  She decided then and there she would have a product line by the age of 25.  Good gravy, a hair pomade, was the first product she came up with.  Requests came flying in for a lip balm.  So, in 2000 Jamie developed Chicken Poop.  

    Put it anywhere.

    A product of Kansas.

    Ingredients: avocado oil (persea gratissima), beeswax, zinc oxide, vitamin e, essential oil of chamomile.